How to Advocate for Software in your Office

From social media to a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM), cloud software is rapidly improving constituent relations across local government. When thinking of adopting new tools, it is important to get buy-in from senior staff members. Ultimately this means communicating the value of new technology as it relates to their goals and objectives.

In this article, we’ve distilled the hundreds of conversations we’ve had with offices into five major values of software for senior staff and leadership in local government. In a followup post, we’ll go over the huge benefit for constituents themselves.


Accountability In Local Government Software

They’ll be there for you

Nothing breaks trust like dropped communication. Keeping a digital record of interactions with constituents, whether through social media, email, or a CRM, ensures you’re getting back to constituents in a timely matter. With operational analytics, teams know how they are doing and can set objective goals to improve relations.

Even better, you can share your history of interactions with other staff members to make sure the office never misses a beat due to vacation or illness.


Transparency In Local Government Software

Nothing to hide

Where is that piece of paper with notes about a constituent call from eight months ago? What happened to the phone number you jotted down on that pink sticky note? Or was it purple?

Sunshine Laws and Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests shouldn’t be scary or time-consuming. Backing up information in the cloud is a safe and easy way to ensure your records are in order when an audit comes up.


Productivity In Consituent Relations In Local Government

Time to get to work

You don’t need MIT to tell you that computers have made us remarkably more efficient (though, if you’re interested, they will).

From spell-checking to synchronization, new technology enables offices to focus on what matters most: serving constituents. You’ll feel better about what you’ve accomplished and your constituents will thank you for it.


Consistency In Local Government Constituent Relations

All of these are just like the others

An enormous benefit of adopting modern software is the effect on your staff’s workflow: instead of having each team member reinvent the wheel, your entire staff is working together with a unified process toward common goals. This saves time, fosters morale, and and frees staff from tracking the myriad processes of different staff members.


Visibility In Constituent Relations for Local Government

I can see clearly now

The power of software for constituent relations extends beyond day-to-day operations. By providing a consistent workflow and data structure, CRMs enable search and analytics capabilities unmatched by any spreadsheet or inbox. By visually mapping requests, for example, elected officials can develop a nuanced understanding of how constituent interests and concerns change across their districts.

This visibility extends beyond the office, too. By understanding the unique character of their districts, staff engage constituents on the issues that matter most to them.


Modern software is a win-win scenario for elected officials and staff members. The massive improvement over existing processes — currently burdened with paper and spreadsheets — offers a unique opportunity for local government to provide better service to their community.

In our next post, we’ll turn that into a win-win-WIN by diving into the direct benefits for constituents. Stay tuned!

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